How To Install Nova Launcher On Phoenix OS Step by Step Guide

What is Phoenix OS?

Phoenix OS is an android x86 based operating system to run androids on computers and Laptops. This is enhanced operating system based on the open source project of android x86 for computers that run on Intel x86 processors. Phoenix OS allows you to use android applications on computers including smart tablets and laptops. It allows you to run multiple applications at the same time having no problem. You can use these applications in Windows mode in full screen like Windows software's on Phoenix OS. It comes with
Many features and built-in applications. It has a Stardust browser as a default browser. It has built-in CzKeymapping to play games and control their functions with mouse and keyboard. It is Best Emulator to Play Pubg Game and FreeFire Game with Key Mapping Controls and with no lagging of FreeFire and Pubg. Phoenix OS comes with many other features and built-in apps like music player, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Text Editor and File Manager. Its File Manager allows you to use your all disk drives on the phoenix OS even Windows drive.

    Why do we need to install Nova Launcher on Phoenix OS?

    As we know, that Phoenix OS comes with the Windows desktop mode. Where we can not use Gadgets and many other features of an android. To use Gadgets on Phoenix OS, we need to install Nova Launcher on Phoenix OS. After installing Nova Launcher on Phoenix OS, we can use all gadgets on it including PPP Widget. PPP Widget is used to use 3G Modems stick via USB on androids to access the Internet. To use PPP widget, we need root access on Phoenix OS and Androids.

    How To Install Nova Launcher On Phoenix OS?

    Phoenix OS does not allow us to install Launcher application on it. Installing External Launcher application is blocked to avoid its users from facing stability problems. But we will use a method to install Nova Launcher on Phoenix OS. We will extract system.sfs and system.IMG file to add Nova Launcher in the system.


    • Phoenix OS
    • APT Tool (Android Pc Toolbox)
    • Nova Launcher apk

    Method to Install Nova Launcher On Phoenix OS

    Follow these steps carefully to install Nova Launcher Phoenix OS.

    Method NO.1

    Install Nova Launcher using Android PC Toolbox APT

    1. Firs of all copy System.sfs file to "in" folder of APT (Android PC Toolbox)
    2. Open APT and Press any key to continue.

    When you will press any key, a new window will appear.

    3. Enter 1 in your choice section to unpack System.sfs of Phoenix OS. It will start unpacking process of System.sfs and will show you " Unpacking System.sfs Please wait" At success it will show you Done message and will create system. IMG file in "in" folder of APT. Now press any key to come back to a previous screen.

    4. Enter 2 in Your choice section to " Unpack System.img file" and Press Enter button of your Keyboard. It will start unpacking system.img file and will replace unpacked files in the unpack folder of APT. At success it will show Done message. Just Press Enter to continue and to return the previous screen.

    5. Now go to APT Folder and then unpack folder. Open system folder and then app folder. Now create a fold with name Nova and Paste Nova.apk inside this folder.

    Add Nova Launcher to System

    6. Now come back to the unpack folder and open fs_config.txt and system_statfile.txt copy paste these two lines in it below this line " system/app 0 0 755 "

    Add these lines in fs_config.txt and system_statfile.txt same as shown in the screenshot given below and save these.
    system/app/Nova 0 0 755
    system/app/Nova/Nova.apk 0 0 644

    Do not forget to save changes made in fs_config.txt and system_statfile.txt.

    7. After completing step 6 come back to APT and Enter 4 to repack system. IMG and hit Enter button.A new window will appear, then Enter 1 again to repack system.img (Phoenix OS). Now a new window will appear choose here size of system.img. Enter 2 in this section and press the Enter button. Wait until it shows the message done. Check out Screen shots given below.

    We have successfully added Nova Launch into Phoenix OS system.img file and repacked it. You can also repack it into system.sfs type by entering 3 in APT main window, but I think we do not need it.
    Now go to "out" folder of APT and copy system.img file and replace it in installed directory (where you have installed Phoenix OS) and Start your Phoenix OS. Check out Nova Launcher installed on Phoenix OS.
    You can add any other Launcher in this way.

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