how to add blog again in Adsense after removing from Adsense site section

Hello Friends, Welcome to Brothers IT Hub. Today we are going to tell you how can you reapply for Adsense once you have removed your blog from Adsense sites.  AdSense is an advertising program by Google. This program is designed for publishers who want to earn money by displaying text, image or video ads on their website pages. When site visitors view or click the ads then publishers get money. Many websites owners and bloggers are using Google Adsense to earn money. Blogging became a favorite hobby of most of the peoples who are connected with the internet. Many of these bloggers monetize their blog with Adsense to earn money but sometimes by mistake or after changing their blog address they remove their blog from Google Adsense and after that, they can't add their blog in Adsense sites. When they try to add their blog in Adsense sites, they get an error " URL cannot be added as site " because Google Adsense does not allow to add a sub-domain without adding the root domain. As is a sub-domain so it is not possible to add it in Adsense sites directly. Here is the method to add blogger in Adsense sites.

How to add your blog again after removing from Adsense sites

Follow the steps given below to add your blog in Adsense sites:
  • Go to
  • Login and go to Earnings section of your blog.
Adsense setup blogger
  • Now reload the current page and you will see two options similar to the screenshot given below. Just click the " Switch Adsense account " option. Remember, this will appear only for a few seconds. If you are failed to click the option then reload the page again and retry.
  • When you will click the Switch Adsense account option then you will be redirected to choose your Adsense account. Now choose your Adsense account and It will ask for permission to associate Adsense account with your blog. Just click " Accept Association " and you have done successfully.
Accept Association

Now you have successfully added your blog again in Adsense sites. Your blog will be reviewed again by the Adsense team for approval. You can track it in the Adsense site section. If you see getting ready in front of your blog then it's mean your blog is pending for approval and you have to wait for approval of your blog. After approval, you will be able to show ads on your blog.


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