All cheat codes of crusader kings

                            Cheat codes of crusader kings 

In this age crusader kings game is very popular game. Every one is playing this game for his\her time pass and enjoyment but due to it's limited or short resources it is very hard to play this game.
We are here to help you to play this game with more fun and joy. We have a collection of cheat codes which will help you to get unlimited resources.


In crusader kings 1 you can press the F12 key to open cheat console. If F12 key not works see my article.

How to enable cheat console in game

Cheat Codes                           Effects

1.     gold                                            +1000 Gold
2.     piety                                           +1000 Piety
3.    prestige                                       +1000 Prestige
4.    nowar                                          all won't to declare war
5.   difrules                                         god mode
6.  die                                                   kill selected character
7.  fullcontrol                      let you full control all troops (only with god mode)


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