How to enable cheat console in a game

How To Enable cheat console in a game

The Console is a message box where you can type games supported messages or cheat codes.
Some games have this feature built-in that you can use to cheat your games with cheat codes.
In some games, the console can be opened by pressing Enter key but many games support pressing The Tilde ( ~ ) button of the keyboard.

In some cases, If cheat console is not opened by pressing the Enter key or Tilde (~) key then you have to enable console feature manual to use the Console in the game to use cheat codes. 
To enable cheat console follow the steps given below....


    Install your favorite game and create it's shortcut on your desktop.


Step 2

Right click on the game icon from desktop and go to it's properties.

Desktop application

Step 3

Now, in the properties window, go to the Shortcut tab and find the target path and place the hyphen (-) or hyphen console ( - console ) after the .exe" and save your changes.

Game Cheat Console

You have successfully enabled cheat console. Now open your game and press the Enter key or Tilde key of your keyboard to open cheat console.


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